Black And White Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound Diagnostic System YK-V15 (PMS-V15)

Short Description:

  • Adopt 15-inch 1024*768 resolution LED screen display
  • Modes: B、B+B、B+M、M、4B、
  • The element of probe: Automatically Identification(80/96/128 elements )
  • Image storage: >360 frames.
  • Notes and characters: date,clock name, age,gender,doctor,hospital name,image annotation.
  • Position mark: >24 kinds.
  • Languages:Chinese, English,German, French. Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,Arabic,etc.
  • Big rechargeable capacity lithium-ion battery. it can last for 5 hours(optional)
  • Ports:VGA,Video,USB(2)


Professional Software Package With Excellent Image Technology

Including abdomen, urinary, obstetrics, small parts vascular,musculoskeletal etc.

Suitable for various medical environments

image Processing: mage smoothing/sharpening, tissue harmonics, gamma correction, false color

With one-key optimization function

It can be connected to USB

The time of single image storage is less than about 9 seconds

Powerful Working Platform

Based on the ARM Chip architecture
Achieve simple and efficient work process

(Small Animals)Veterinary B&W Ultrasound

狗-凸阵-B模式-肝脏 Convex Probe-B Mode-Liver      狗-凸阵-B模式-肝脏胆囊 Convex Probe-B Mode-Liver and Gallbladder    狗-凸阵-B模式-胰腺 Convex Probe-B Mode-Pancreas

(Large Animals)Veterinary B&W Ultrasound

马-凸阵-B模式-肝脏 Convex Probe-B Mode- Right Liver 1    马-凸阵-B模式-脾脏脏 Convex Probe-B Mode- Spleen    马-凸阵-B模式-肾脏 Convex Probe-B Mode- Right Kidney