New Yonker Portable Ultrasound Machine YK-UP8

Short Description:

YK-UP8 doppler color ultrasound machine adopts advanced imaging technology and has excellent image performance. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high cost performance, clear image, stable and reliable quality, rich function, wide application range and strong mobility.


  • Convex probe: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, kidney;
  • Linear probe: small organs, vascular, pediatrics, thyroid, breast, carotid artery;
  • Micro-convex probe: abdomen, obstetrics, cardiac;
  • Transvaginal probe: gynecology, obstetrics;
  • Rectal Probe: andrology.

Application: Suitable for multi-department, multi-body parts of ultrasound examination. It also can meet the needs of large hospitals, outdoor first aid and private clinics.


Design highlights:

  • 15 inch medical LCD, full digital 128 elements, 64 channels;
  • Built-in 500 GB hard disk for  data storage;
  • Graphics and text management system to enter and classification search medical records;
  • Double probe interface, can be used with two probes at the same time;
  • Built-in 18650 lithium battery pack, meet the needs of daily power off use;
  • Special measurement data package for different organs;
  • Images and pathology reports can be exported.

Input / output signal:

  1. Input: m quipped with digital signal interface;
  2. Output: VGA, s-video, USB, audio interface, network interface;
  3. Connectivity: medical digital imaging and communications DICOM3.0 interface components;
  4. Support network real-time transmission: can real-time transmission of user data to the server;
  5. Image management and recording device: 500G hard disk Ultrasonic image;
  6. Archiving and medical record management function: complete the storage management and playback storage of patient static image and dynamic image in the host computer.

Probe Specifications:

  • 2.0-10MHz V¬ariable frequency, frequency range 2.0-10MHz;
  • 5 kinds of frequencies of each probe, variable fundamental and harmonic frequency;
  • Abdomen: 2.5-6.0MHz;
  • Superficial:5.0-10MHz;
  • Cardiac:2.0-3.5MHz;
  • Puncture Guidance: probe puncture guide is optional, puncture line and Angle are adjustable;
  • Transvaginal: 5.0-9MHZ.

Main technical parameters and functions:

1.1 Technical platform

linux +ARM+FPGA

1.2 Channels and elements

Number of physical channels: ≥64

Number of probe array element number: ≥128

1.3 Monitor

15-inch, high resolution, progressive scan, Wide Angle of view

Resolution:1024*768 pixels

Image display area is 640*480

1.4 Hard disk

Internal 500GB hard disk for patient database management

Allow storage of patient studies that include images clips reports and measurements

1.6 Imaging modes

B-mode: Fundamental and Tissue harmonic imaging

Color Flow Mapping (Color)

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)

PW Doppler


1.7 frequency number

B/M:Fundamental wave,≥3; harmonic wave: ≥2

Color/PDI: ≥2

PW: ≥2

1.8 Cine

B mode: ≥5000 frames

B+Color/B+PDI mode: ≥2500 frames

M、PW: ≥ 190s

1.9 image zoom

available on live, 2B, 4B and reviewed images

up to 10X zoom

1.10 image save

format: BMP、JPG、FRM(single image);

CIN、AVI(multiple images)

Support DICOM, conform to DICOM3.0 standard

Built in workstation, support patient data search and browse

1.11 language

Support Chinese, English, Spanish, Can be easily extended to support other languages

1.12 battery

Built in large capacity lithium battery, working condition. Continuous working time ≥1.5 hours. Screen provides power display information

1.13 Other functions

Comment Body Mark Biopsy ★Lito,  etc