Veterinary Ultrasound Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine YK-VP8

Short Description:

  • Display: 15 inch LCD medical monitor
  • Element:128
  • RAM: 500GB
  • System: Linux + ARM + FPGA
  • Probe connector: 2
  • Port: S-Video, USB, Video, VGA, LAN, Foot Switch
  • Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Russian etc
  • Application: Pet abdomen, heart, obstetrics, small organs, blood vessels, muscles and bones etc

Design highlights:UP8

  • Display mode: B, B+B, 4B, B+M,M, C,PW,B/C, B/C/PW, B/PW,PDI
  • Image formats: JPG, BMP, FRM image formats and CIN, AVI movie
  • Built in workstation, support patient data search and browse
  • Built in large capacity lithium battery
  • One key to optimize/save/restore image
  • Option: Report or Video printer, Puncture rack ,Trolley, Foot switch, U  disk and USB extension line etc

cat1 pig2 UP8主图5


(Small Animals) Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound

狗-凸阵-彩色多普勒模式-心脏 Convex Probe-Color Mode-Cardiac    狗-凸阵-彩色多普勒模式-肾脏 Convex Probe-Color Mode-Kidney  (狗)微凸探头-彩色多普勒模式-脾脏 Micro-convex Probe-Color Doppler Mode-Spleen


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