Black And White Ultrasonic Testing BW12

Short Description:

  • This machine can be used to test: Abdomen, Cardiac, Gynecology, Obstetrical, Urology, small parts, Pediatrics, Vessels and so on.
  • The height of the machine is :3KG.
  • The size of the monitor:12 Inch.
  • The resolution of the monitor:1024*768.
  • The adapter output voltage and current: 15V ,4A.
  • The ports on the machine:USB(2)VGA Video.
  • The battery capacity:1924mA,3847mA(Optional)
  • Working hours with battery:5 hours(Optional).
  • The element of probe is: Automatically recognize(80.96.128)
  • The probe number is:2
  • The focus number is:5(Adjustable)
  • The probes can be connected: Convex probe, Linear probe, Trans-vaginal probe, Micro-convex probe.
  • The maximum depth:240mm.
  • The maximum cine loop:250
  • Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French.
  • Photo saving forms: JPG, BMP, FRM.
  • The modes: B BB 4B B/M M.
  • Measures: Abdomen, Cardiac, Gynecology , Obstetrical, Urology, small  parts, Pediatrics, Vessels and so on.

Product Details


The notebook full digital ultrasonic diagnostic instrument (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is composed of a host, a 3.5MHz convex array probe and a power adapter. 7.5MHz high-frequency linear array probe, 6.5mhz intracavity probe and 6.5mhz micro convex probe are selected.



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