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Portable Patient Monitor YK-E7

Short Description Model: M7

  • Display: 7 inch TFT screen
  • Optional Configuration: Recorder ,mobile trolley, balance arm.
  • Application: Yonkers M7 patient monitor is suitable for patient transfer, ward round, community hospital, etc. And suitable for neonates, children, adults, the elderly and other kind of people.
  • Language: English, Spanish, Portugal, Poland, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian


Features M7 Portable Patient Monitor (4)

  • Six parameters: PR, TEMP, NIBP, SPO2, RESP, and ECG.
  • 7-inch TP touch screen with IPX2 waterproof rating.
  • Overall, tiny, compact, and black and white in hue. suitable for a patient being transported.
  • Doctors can monitor patient status more conveniently with the use of an audio/visual alert anti-high-frequency electrosurgical
  • interference, anti-fibrillation three monitoring modes: support, monitoring, and surgery.
  • Support a central monitoring system that is wired or wireless.
  • 96 hours’ worth of previous monitoring data queries are supported by the automatic data storing feature.
  • High capacity (4 hours) built-in lithium battery for patient transfers or emergency power outages.
  • Two models to select from, one with or without a handle.

Smart Solution

Portable Patient Monitor YK-E7

  1. Wireless integration with the central monitoring
  2. Station Dynamic trends provide up to 240 hours of useful information for viewing
  3. 8 tracks per monitor, 16 monitors on one screen
  4. View up to 32 beds in real time on one platform
  5. View and manage patient data anytime, anywhere in and before the hospital

Infinite connectivity makes work smoother

The smart, connected technology provided by monitors enables close collaboration between all devices at the center of the patient, enables information sharing, and provides a wide range of solutions to make workflows smoother and easier.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Yonker YK-E7, please follow the brochure link for additional information. “Portable Patient Monitor YK-E7 brochure