Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU

Short Description:

Yonker N series is a patient monitor designed for neonatal. In addition to setting an alarm range specifically for newborns, detecting breathing abnormalities, and providing an automated emergency self-help system, the N8 monitor also provides real-time environmental oxygen concentration monitoring for the newborn incubator, providing comprehensive care for the health of newborns. Newborn babies are a unique group whose blood pressure, ECG, and SpO2 physical signs differ significantly from those of adults.

Optional Configuration:  Thermal printer, touch screen, wall mounting, recorder, and mobility trolley.

Application: Yonker N8 patient monitor is appropriate for use in bedside monitoring, intensive care units, intensive care units, outpatient operations, and operating rooms. and appropriate for newborns and other unique individuals.

Product Details: Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU

  •  parameters ( ECG, RESP, SPO2, NIBP, PR, TEMP, IBP, ETCO2 ) + Fully independent module ( Independent ECG + Nellcor ).
  • 8 inch color LCD screen supports multi-lead 8-channel waveform display on the screen and support multi-language system.





Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU (3)ECG measurement equipment specifically created to account for the physiological traits of neonates, such as rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, and weak signal

  • Measure the hypotension in newborns between 0 and 150 using the adaptive signal processing approach. The neonatal arm may be injured by the 160 mmHg cuff pressure. This safety risk can be decreased with the newborn’s specific mode
  • Using blood oxygen measurement equipment, newborns with poor perfusion and mobility can be assessed.
  • real-time monitoring of the oxygen content in the newborn incubator environment.


  • Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU Flexible and adaptable modular patient monitor suitable for various monitoring
  •  scenarios such as bedside monitoring, ICU, CCU, OR outpatient, and operating room.
  • Automatic data storage feature: allows past monitoring data queries spanning almost 96 hours.
  • An optional printing feature that works well in a ward, operating room, and other settings.





Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU

  • support a central monitoring system that is wired or wireless.
  • three monitoring modes for surgery, assist diagnostic, monitoring, and anti-high-frequency electrosurgical interference.
  • Integrated large capacity (4 hours) lithium battery for power outages or patient transfers in an emergency.
  • Three-level visual and auditory alarm system.