E12S Module Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Short Description

E12S Moduel Multi-parameter Patient Monitor
  • Application Range: Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal/Medicine/Surgery/Operating Room/ICU/CCU
  • Display: 12.1 inch TFT sreen
  • Parameter:Spo2, Pr, Nibp, ECG, Resp, Temp
  • Optional: Etco2, Nellcor Spo2, 2-IBP, Touch Screen, Recorder, Trolley, Wall Mount
  • Language: English, Spanish, Portugal, Poland, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian
  • Power requirements: AC: 100 ~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz DC: Built-in rechargeable battery, 11.1V 24wh Li-ion battery

Product Performance:

  • 8 parameters (ECG, RESP, SPO2,NIBP, PR,TEMP, IBP, ETCO2)+Fully independent module(Independent ECG + Nellcor);
  • Modular patient monitor, flexible to meet the different monitoring requirements;
  • Flexible operate ETCO2 and dual IBP functions;
  • 400 groups of NIBP list, 6000 seconds ECG waveform recall, 60 alarm evens records recall, 7-day trend chart in storage;
  • Patient info input management function;
  • 12.1 inch color LCD touch screen supports multi-lead 8-channel waveform display on the screen and support multi-language system,Full touch screen selectable, more convenient for operation;
  • Real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection;
  • Support diagnosis, monitoring, surgery three monitoring modes, support wire or wireless central monitoring system;
  • Built-in high capacity lithium battery (4 hours) for emergency power outage or patient transfer;














Smart Solution

  • Wireless integration with the central monitoring
  • station Dynamic trends provide up to 240 hours of useful information for viewing
  • 8 tracks per monitor, 16 monitors on one screen
  • View up to 32 beds in real time on one platform
  • View and manage patient data anytime, anywhere in and before the hospital


  • Spo2 sensor & extend cable 1pcs
  • ECG cable  1pcs
  • Cuff &Tube 1pcs
  • Temp probe
  • Power Cbale Line 1pcs
  • Ground Line  1pcs
  • User Manual  1pcs