Yonker N8 Neonatal Multipara Patient Monitor In ICU

Short Description:

  • Yonkers N series is a patient monitor designed for neonatal. Newborn babies as a special group that the blood pressure, ECG and SpO2 physical signs are quite different with adults, N8 monitor not only setting alarm range system only for newborns, detected breathing abnormalities, with automatic emergency self-help system, but also for the newborn incubator environmental oxygen concentration real-time monitoring, all-round care for newborn health.
  • Optional Configuration: Recorder, mobile trolley, wall mounting, touch screen, thermal printer.
  • Application: Yonkers N8 patient monitor is suitable for operating room, ICU, CCU, OR outpatient, bedside monitoring and other application scenarios. And suitable for neonates and other special people.



  • 8 parameters ( ECG, RESP, SPO2, NIBP, PR, TEMP, IBP, ETCO2 ) + Fully independent module ( Independent ECG + Nellcor );
  • 8 inch color LCD screen supports multi-lead 8-channel waveform display on the screen and support multi-language system.
  • Specially designed ECG measurement technology for the physiological characteristics of newborns with high heart rate, high respiration rate and weak signal;
  • Use adaptive signal processing method and measure hypotension in neonates from 0 to 150. The cuff pressure of 160mmHg May cause injury to the newborn arm. The special mode for newborn can reduce this safety hazard;
  • Blood oxygen measurement technology can be measured in neonates with weak perfusion and movement;
  • Newborn incubator environmental oxygen concentration real-time monitoring;
  • Apnea symptoms are detected, alarm activated and self-rescue is performed before paramedics arrive.
  • Modular patient monitor, flexible to meet the different monitoring requirements; for operating room, ICU, CCU, OR outpatient, bedside monitoring and other application scenarios;
  • Automatic data storage function: supports nearly 96 hours of historical monitoring data query;
  • Optional printing function, suitable for operating room, ward and other scenes.
  • Support wire or wireless central monitoring system;
  • Anti-fibrillation, anti-high-frequency electrosurgical interference, support diagnosis, monitoring, surgery three monitoring modes;
  • Built-in high capacity lithium battery (4 hours) for emergency power outage or patient transfer;
  • 3 level audio/visual alarm function.