Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YK-E5


  • WIFI connection APP can be realized to achieve intelligent interconnection
  • 4 hours of standby time and 3 hours of working time

Application Range: Suitable for nurses to check the room, doctors out, ambulance

Display: 5-inch inch color TFT LCD display

Dimension and Weight

  • Product Size:168*143.3*66.5mm
  • Product weight:825g



Quality Standards and Classification

  • Anti-electroshock degree: Class Ⅰ equipment (internal power supply)
  • Protection degree of fluid intake: IPX1

working environment conditions:

a) Ambient temperature range: +5ºC~40 ºC
b) Relative humidity range: 15%~80%, no condensation
c) Atmospheric pressure range: 60~107kPa

Shipping and storage conditions

a) Ambient temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
b) Relative humidity range: 10%~95%
c) Atmospheric pressure range: 16kPa~107kPa


Electrical Specifications

a) Input: -20ºC~+55ºC
b) Power Frequency: 10%~95%
c) Maximum Input Power: 16kPa~107kPa
d) Fuse Specification: 2AL 16V
e) Working Method: Continuous operation
f) Internal Lithium Battery: DC 7.4V, not less than 2000mAh

Smart Solution


  • Wireless integration with the central monitoring
  • station Dynamic trends provide up to 240 hours of useful information for viewing
  • 8 tracks per monitor, 16 monitors on one screen
  • View up to 32 beds in real time on one platform
  • View and manage patient data anytime, anywhere in and before the hospital






  • Spo2 sensor & extend cable 1pcs
  • ECG cable  1pcs
  • Cuff &Tube 1pcs
  • Temp probe
  • Power Cable Line 1pcs
  • Ground Line  1pcs
  • User Manual  1pcs

If you’re interested in learning more about the Yonker YK-E5, please follow the brochure link for additional information ” yonker YK-E5 brochure ”