Yonker Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor BPA5

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-BPA5
  • Original: Jiangsu, China
  • Instrument classification: Class II
  • Warranty: 2years
  • Monitor Size:131mm*96mm*63.5mm
  • Products Weight: 240g

Product description

Yonker YK-BPA5 upper arm digital blood pressure Monitor: high-definition LCD screen, strong visibility, ultra-high impact resistance, anti-fall; automatic blood pressure measurement, providing multiple language interfaces, portable and accuracy of measurement.

  1. Measurement: Buck measurement;
  2. The results showed that: high pressure / low pressure / pulse;
  3. Unit Conversion: blood pressure units KPa / mmHg conversion (the default boot unit is mmHg);
  4. Memory Group: Two sets of memory, each 99 measurements results of memory;
  5. Low power testing: any working-state detecting low power, LCD displays symbol prompts low power;
  6. Blood pressure classification indicator: blood pressure classification indicates blood pressure health;
  7. Overpressure protection function: pressure over 295mmHg (20ms) is automatically and quickly exhaust;
  8. Auto power off function: No action for 1 minute then automatic shutdown;
  9. This product can be used both removable battery and can use the AC power supply.