YK-V12 Black And White Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound

Short Description:

  • 12-inch high-resolution display
  • Stable ARM operating platform
  • Multiple array transducers available (80/90/128 elements)
  • Large capacity lithium battery for up to 5 hours of continuous use
  • Multilingual support: expandable to any language
  • Professional veterinary measurement software package
  • Dual transducer interface for flexible switching
  • Various pseudo-color options
  • Lightweight design, weighs only 3.5 kg


  • Used for professional measurements of pet abdomen, heart, obstetrics, small organs, blood vessels, muscles, and bones
  • Suitable for livestock industry for pregnancy detection, fetal counting, uterine disease diagnosis, and backfat thickness measurement
  • With a standard medical ultrasound workstation report page
  • Large capacity lithium battery, can standby about 5 hours (optional)
  • One key to optimize/save/restore image
  • Automatic image loop presentation
  • Rich Measurement Functions(Animal pregnancy detection)
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 316mm (length) × 314mm (width) × 69mm (thickness)
  • Main Unit Weight: 3.5kg

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